Using Shared Syncing

The shared syncing feature requires your devices to be running on atleast iOS10 and macOS 10.12. This feature is also only availabe to 365+ subscription users. Each user will be required to have their own individual iCloud account.


Please note that when the shared syncing feature is enabled, all your journals, entries, tags, attached media, templates will be shared to the people you share with. 


Sharing your journal

1. Enable the iCloud Shared sync option.

2. Wait for the sync process to complete first, otherwise you will receive an error message.

2. Tap on Manage Shared.

3. Send invite to other people. The invitation can be sent through Messages, Email, Link.


Joining a shared journal

1. Tap on the invitation that was received. 

2. Select Join.


Removing people from your journal

1. Tap on Manage Shared.

2. Select person and remove person.

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