Setting up a custom invoice number format

Invoice Professional has the capability to offer customisable invoice numbering formatting.
In application Settings -> Companies -> Your Company -> Invoice Settings.
In the application preferences -> Invoice, you can set the invoice number formatting.
Example on setting a custom invoice number format
“My numbering system for the past 15 years has been the year (two digits) followed by a three digit chronological number. I never have 100 jobs a year but just in case. Seeing as the year has started, I wouldn’t want to start at 1 again.”
To achieve this numbering system based on the example, you would set the Invoice prefix to 14 (last 2 digits of the year) and number width to 3. This will give you an invoice number of 14001 (if the invoice number was 1) or 14210 if the invoice number was 210.
You can also set the starting current invoice number so you don’t have to start from invoice number 1.
Invoice Number Formatting
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