What are the syncing options?

There are 3 syncing options in Travel Logs.


Syncing using a cloud service


To sync using a cloud service, you must have a valid account with those services.
Please note, with Dropbox, syncing can only occur when the application is running and not in the background. This is due to a limitation in the Dropbox framework. With iCloud, syncing can happen while the application is running in the background.


Syncing locally / Peer to Peer

365 Direct Sync

365 Direct sync allows you to sync your journal data across to your other devices without using a cloud service. You won't need to have an account to use this sync feature.
Please note, 365 Direct Sync syncing will only happen when both devices are running at the same time. This is due to the nature of local syncing as that there is no server act as the middle person to distrubute the data. The data will have to sync directly to the other device.
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