What are accompanying guest(s)?

When working on the guest list, you will quickly discover that certain guests are a companion of each other and, in turn it makes sense to always seat them together. These are what we have defined as “accompanying” guests. For example, husband/wife, partners, couples, siblings, or generally anyone you deem a companion of each other.

Specifying the accompanying guests will help with seating charts as the guests are linked and will automatically show up as ‘suggested’ guests for seating – making it very easy and more efficient to work on the seating planner.


Accompanying Guest vs. Plus One

Accompanying guest in this case is very similar to the guest and their plus one (+1). The only difference is that for plus ones, you may not have their details readily available to enter into the guest list. For this reason, it is much easier and quicker to mark a guest as bringing a plus one. At most, you may only know whether the guest is bringing a male/female guest – in which case the plus one is also gender selectable. Please also see “How do I mark a guest as bringing a +1?”

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