Changing task time frames


The initial pre-set tasks are just a mere guide and can be tailored at any time to suit your wedding. If you believe any of the tasks should be performed at a later or earlier time frame then you are more than welcome to change the allocation of the task to a more preferred time frame to best suit you.

To change the task to a different time frame, simply follow the steps below (refer to screenshots below):
1. Select the task you wish to change
2. Press on the edit button (highlighted in purple box)

Changing Task Time Frame Pic 1

3. Edit the ‘Time Frame’ field by tapping on the white corresponding box next to it (highlighted in purple box)

Pic 2

4. Select by scrolling to the time frame you want this task to be moved to (then tap anywhere on the grey paper area outside of the selection pop up)

Pic 3

5. Save by pressing the same edit/done button (highlighted in blue above)

This will have moved the selected task to the appropriate task time frame that you have chosen.

Please note: You can change the priority of the task and it will automatically sort by highest priority to the lowest within the time frame.

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