How do I use my journals data from v2.x.x in v3.x.x

Migrate your Capture 365 Journal (2.x.x) databases into version 3.0.0


Migrating on iOS

Method 1

1. Launch Capture 365 Journal (2.x.x) and go to the Settings tab.
2. Tap on the “Migrate” button at the bottom and then select “Migrate existing data“.
3. Select “Open in Capture 365“. This will process for a while as it prepares and copies your data to the new application. Your data will automatically be imported into the new version of Capture 365 Journal.


Method 2

1. Create a backup of your database in Capture 365 Journal (2.x.x).
2. Copy the backup file created from iTunes file sharing and place it in the Capture 365 Journal (3.x.x) documents directory in iTunes file sharing.
3. Launch Capture 365 Journal (3.x.x), go to Settings and Import.


Migrating on Mac Platform

1. Create a backup from the Backup & Restore feature in Capture 365 Journal V1.5.6 located in the application Preferences.
2. In Capture 365 Journal V3.0, there is an Import feature that allows you to import your backups from V1.5.6. To access this import feature, go to the application Preferences and then select the Import tab. You can select your 365Backup file to be imported into the new journal.
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