How do I edit the total event budget?

To edit the total budget for any existing calendar event, select the relevant calendar event. Tap on the ‘Budget’ tab. Select the last table cell under ‘Budget Summary’ and make the necessary total budget changes (highlighted in purple outline below).


This will bring up a keypad allowing you to type in your new total budget. Press ‘Done’ to save changes (highlighted in purple outline below). Note: To enter $7500, press 7, then 5, followed by 4 zeros. This method is used to accommodate for currency decimal entering.


Note: When the total budget changes, you will see the suggested budget amounts change (highlighted in blue outline below). These amounts are based on the estimated percentage you specified in application settings. For example, if you allocated 15% for Decorations and if you change the total budget to $7,500 the new estimate for ‘Decorations‘ category would be $1,125.


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