How do I add new guest, vendor or budget categories for an Event type?

Go to the application settings and scroll down to the “Categories” section. Select the relevant event category. Tap on the ‘+’ and select the relevant category type. Type in your new guest category name and press ‘Save’ in the top right corner. This will save your new guest category details.

New subcategory screenshot

Example screenshot below shows the new guest category “Grandparents-to-be” for the Event Category “Baby Shower”. You will only ever need to specify this information once, and it will be readily available when you create plans for the same event type. For example, ‘Baby Shower’ event type – all of the guest, vendor and budget details you customise will be accessible for as many ‘Baby Shower’ events you plan for.

New guest category screenshot

Note: Once you have created the new guest, vendor or budget subcategory you cannot edit the name of the category. However, for the budget category, you are free to edit the estimated percentage. For example, on average, you wish to allocate 15% of budget on food supplies, 5% on invitations/stationary, etc. For accuracy of event budget estimates, make sure all percentages add up to 100%!

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